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Who We Are

Steeltype is a web design and software development company that specializes in connecting small businesses to the cloud.

Our mission is to empower clients to decide their destiny by providing them with easy and reliable access to digital strategy, tactics, and execution.

We are a cloud-based small business. The fastest way to reach us is to call or text our office at (317) 735-6510.

With well over a decade of experience to draw from, our team has the expert decision-making and problem-solving skills to navigate the constantly evolving field of digital technologies.


What we do

We build practical solutions to complex problems using modern technology in order to make our clients more efficient, effective, and timely in everything they do.

We provide our clients with four areas of service:

  • Discovery

  • Design

  • Development

  • Support

Discovery: Our holistic analysis leads to a thorough understanding of each technology environment and it's strategic challenges. We believe that understanding is the key to transforming technical information into powerful insights.

Design: Our visual and technical designs begin with the careful consideration of all client objectives and then intertwine to achieve them. We consider drawings and layouts to be the physical reflection of purpose, planning, and intention.

Development: Our development strategy prioritizes practicality and craftsmanship. We recognize that dreams only become reality through careful preparation and hard work.

Support: Our technical expertise provides our clients with a variety of cost-effective hosting and support options. We are committed to ensuring our clients have the ability to control their long-term costs.


How We Work

We provide a free initial consultation during which we will ask you a short series of discovery questions that will allow us to better understand your specific needs and challenges.

When starting a project we will send you a “Statement of Work” and a “Terms and Conditions” document that together form a contract describing the work to be performed.

These documents will also divide the work to be performed into several deliverables. We will present each deliverable for your approval before work continues.

We will issue an initial invoice that must be paid before the project starts, additional invoices for each completed deliverable, and a final invoice when the project is completed.

Our process is constantly undergoing refinement to better align with our company ethos of efficient, effective, and timely service. We engage each client with an approach specially tailored to their needs.